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About the Team

51 Fitness is a group of holistic healthcare professionals who specialize in total body wellness including custom personal training  and massage programs. In our total body mindset focus we incorporate corrective exercise training, pilates equipment training, Gyrotonic, ELDOA and Myofascal Stretch coaching (under the work of Dr. Guy VOYER). 

Kenny Baker

Bachelor of Science - Education/Exercise Physiology 

Licensed Massage Therapist Tennessee 

Specializing in Neuromuscular, Myofascial, and  

Craniosacral therapies 

Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (NSCA)

Certified Kinesio Taping Practitioner

C.H.E.K Level 2 Practitioner 

C.H.E.K Golf Conditioning Specialist

Guy VOYER's:

ELDOA I,II,&III -Student

Soma Training - Year 2 Student  


Holly Grady 

Bachelor of Science - Athletic Training

Certified Athletic Trainer/ Licensed in Tennessee

Master of Science - Sport Management 

AIS Trained

C.H.E.K. Exercise Coach Trained

Guy VOYER's: 

ELDOA I,II &III -Student 

Myofascial Stretch -Student

A native of Tennessee, Kenny Baker attended the University of Tennessee where he studied exercise physiology. Interested in human performance he worked for several years in the exercise physiology lab, and co-authored a published study as an undergraduate.  


After graduating in 1995,  he began to pursue his quest for more knowledge about the human body, and his love for competitive road cycling.  In 1995 he qualified for the 1996 Olympic Road Trials and began his personal training path that he has cultivated for 25 years now.

Kenny is passionate about helping others reach their optimal level of health, and has worked with some of  the brightest minds from around the world to further his education.  He has extensive training in various massage therapy modalities, corrective exercise, sport specific conditioning, nutrition, pilates, Gyrotonic, and in more recent years his studies have been with Guy VOYER's SOMA and ELDOA training methods.

Born and raised a military brat, Holly is native to Dayton Ohio, where she attended Wilmington College pursuing a Bachelor's Degree in Athletic Training.  She continued her education at The University of Tennessee attaining a Master's degree in Sport Management. 

Holly lived in New Zealand in 2017 to purse her sense of adventure along with International work experience.  Abroad, she worked alongside Suzi Nevell, a CHEK level 4 CHEK practitioner and Physiotherapist, to continue learning practically how to apply her CHEK exercise coach certification and gain experience in teaching Guy VOYER's ELDOA Method. 

Holly loves to move, learn, travel, and enjoy a superb glass of sauvignon blanc.  She is no stranger to diligent effort and fully understands what it takes to gain and maintain a healthy lifestyle.  When you work with Holly, you not only gain technical and detailed exercise instruction, you acquire a fan who passionately leads you towards your best interest on your wellness journey. 


ELDOA, a French acronym translating into English meaning LOADS ( Longitudinal osteo-articular decoaptation stretch) is a technique used to create space and increase hydration within a joint space to improve the overall wellness of the joint. You are coached into specific poses focusing on a certain joints where the pose is then held for 60 seconds during which you open up the joint space through your own work in holding the pose.  Following the pose, you have gained space and increased hydration in the joint. 


This technique, regularly practiced, delays or eliminates surgery, increases disc hydration, corrects scoliosis, relieves nerve impingement, alleviates herniated and protruding disc pain, manages bulging discs, manages spinal stenosis, improves body functions, corrects faulty joint positioning and increases communication between brain and body within the nerve ganglia (a bundle of nerve transmission cells). 

Myofascial Stretching 

The fascia is a network of connective tissue running in, through and around the muscles and joints. When stretching the Fascia, the ability for the muscle to move increases significantly. Myofascial stretching is beneficial for increasing range of motion locally at the site of the muscle and globally throughout the body in conjunction with other muscles and movement.  


The Gyrotonic Expansion System embraces key principles found in yoga, dance, swimming, tai-chi, and gymnastics to simultaneously stretch, mobilize, and strengthen the entire body, especially muscles around the spine, pelvis, and core.  Whereas Pilates is spring-based, Gyrotonic equipment, is a weight-based pulley system that simultaneously provides traction and resistance to give you stretch and strength.  Together, they offer a comprehensive approach to address your core needs.


Designed around the Greek philosophy of development of mind, body, and spirit, Pilates incorporates elements from both eastern and western approaches to physical training, that include gymnastics, swimming, boxing, and martial arts.  Pilates is based on seven principles:  breathing, centering, concentration, control, precision, alignment, and flow.  These principles are that which every exercise is based upon to create an effective, efficient, mind-body experience.  As with many exercise systems that become popular especially when practiced by celebrities, it becomes the target of "quickly certified programs," watered down versions, and/or combination systems.  At 51 Fitness you can be confident you're training with well educated, highly trained, Pilates teachers who understand the intricacies of the human body and how to train those with previous injuries, orthopedic limitations, and how to progress you without "avoiding exercises" due to lack of deeper understanding and education.   


Massage therapy can encompass a vast array of techniques, incorporate a wide range of modalities, and help with a great many issues.  Our approach at 51 Fitness is multifaceted in that we incorporate techniques that we have found to be more useful in resolving chronic pain patterns, over-use injuries, and recurrent injuries that never seem to resolve.  Those methods include neuromuscular therapy (trigger-point therapy), craniosacral therapy, myofasical therapy, and we incorporate many varied corrective exercise, mobility, and stretching techniques to ensure a successful outcome. 

"It doesn't seem like it should work, but it does. I don't have headaches, see the chiropractor or orthopedic anymore. I feel like ELDOA is healing my joints and spine."

Bev Bickford

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